After Dad Mercilessly Beat Man That Raped His Son, Judge Smacks Him Harder

Most of us can agree that pedophiles are the scum of the earth. Well, after one father discovered what this man was doing to his son, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

As previously reported by Mad World News, pedophile Raymond Frolander from Daytona Beach, Florida was caught abusing an 11-year-old boy last year. Needless to say, when the boy’s father discovered what had happened, there was no stopping what the father did next.

The irate father beat Frolander until he was unconscious and left him with an abundance of injuries to his face — probably minor compared to what the dad could have done.

After the father had finished with his self-justified punishment for the man, he called the police. “I just walked in and found a grown man molesting (my child), and I got him in a bloody puddle for you right now,” the father admitted to police.

He later admitted to police that he would have killed him if his son hadn’t urged him to stop. The father is facing no charges regarding the assault, as any judge in their right mind wouldn’t charge a father for beating the man who molested their child.

Things got worse for Frolander, as he has now been sentenced to 25 years in prison after taking a plea deal to avoid a life sentence. According to NBC News, “Frolander will have to register as a sex offender for life and will be required to wear a GPS monitor after he’s released from prison.”

“He’s going to learn in the next 25 years why I let him live,” explained the boy’s father.

This man deserved much worse for molesting a child, but knowing that the father was able to legally lay a hand on the man for what he had done — priceless. Well, along with the fact that in the next 25 years his cellmates are going to teach him what it feels like to be a victim.

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