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ALERT: New Movie Teaches Kids To Let Strangers Touch Their ‘Private Parts’

A new children’s movie is being released, and it contains a dark theme you shouldn’t want your kids to see. The film teaches its young viewers that they should let strangers touch their “private parts” and that they will be rewarded. We need to alert parents everywhere before they make the mistake of allowing their impressionable kids to see this movie.

Terina Maldonado, a parent reviewer for Macaroni Kid, took her kids, her husband, and her mother to an advanced screening of the new movie “Show Dogs.” They came away with more than a review, though. The adults were left sick to their stomachs and faced with the reality that they now had to have a very uncomfortable discussion with their kids.

According to Maldonado, the movie started out just fine. It had all the makings of a film that kids and their families could enjoy together. “The premise is great for a kids movie,” explained the mother-of-three. “Max is a talking police dog (voiced by Ludacris) who is paired up with a human partner, Frank (Will Arnett) to infiltrate a prestigious dog show and rescue a kidnapped baby panda.”

“Being a tough dog from New York, Max has no business competing in a dog show but uses his street smarts to outperform the competition to get closer to the inner circle of kidnappers,” Maldonado goes on. “Along the way, Max learns lessons about trust and the need to accept help from others. The usual hilarity ensues with dog farts, bites on the rear-end, and slap-stick bonks to the head which elicit giggles from the audience.”

However, it’s when Max the police dog ultimately learns what he has to do to truly go undercover and be accepted as a legitimate show dog that the trouble starts. Maldonado writes, “What could have been solely a fun movie for kids that would get my highest recommendation is damaged by a dark and disturbing message hidden, not so subtly between the fluffy dogs and glamorous parties of the show dog lifestyle. As part of any dog show, contestants are judged on their abilities and physical attributes. One part, in particular, is the inspection of the dog’s private parts.”

According to another mommy blogger, Jenny Rapson from For Every Mom, at this point in the movie, “a certain dark and very dangerous theme for kids emerges.” Max, of course, does not feel comfortable with complete strangers examining his privates, so his partner Frank and a former champion show dog try to get him to accept this process by using a technique employed by pedophiles: grooming.

“Since the inspection of the private parts will happen in the finals, Frank touches Max’s private parts to get him use to it,” writes Maldonado. “Of course, Max doesn’t like it and snaps at Frank for him to stop. Max is then told by the former champion, who has been through the process before, that he needs to go to his ‘zen place’ while it happens so he can get through it. More attempts are made by Frank to touch Max’s private parts, but Max is still having trouble letting it happen and keeps snapping at him.”

“The day of the finals come, and if Max doesn’t let his private parts be touched, he may lose the competition and any hope of finding the kidnapped panda,” Maldonado continues. “It all rests on his ability to let someone touch his private parts. The judge’s hands slowly reach behind Max and he goes to his ‘zen place’.  He’s flying through the sky, dancing with his partner, there are fireworks and flowers — everything is great — all while someone is touching his private parts.”

Textbook grooming. The entire competition and the safety of a cute, cuddly baby panda rest on Max’s willingness to let complete strangers molest him. He can’t say no. Ultimately, he allows the stranger to fondle him, and underage viewers are left with the impression that it must have felt good, because he went to his “happy place” as the movie sees a climatic ending.

There is simply no way that any adult involved in the making of “Show Dogs” could have failed to recognize the obvious theme here — it’s not like the grooming was presented subtly — which leads us to believe that this was done intentionally and that everyone involved was complicit. This sickening attempt at indoctrination is a sad sign of the times in which we now live.

Allowing your kids to see this movie would be a huge mistake, but it’s likely that there are millions of parents out there who have no idea how dangerous this film really is. Please save them and their children by sharing this report. We need to expose this awful film for the sick grooming video it is. THIS IS NOT OKAY.

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