CNN Lies About Rising Gas Prices, Gets Embarrassed By Their Own Coverage

CNN recently released a video discussing potentially rising gas prices. As usual, they are trying to slander President Donald Trump. However, a few eagle-eyed viewers pointed out what CNN did in years past, proving that CNN likes to distort the truth.

CNN hardly has a good track record these days, and people are noticing. The once celebrated news network is now all but a joke. This incredible bias against President Trump has embarrassed them time and again. They don’t seem to care about the facts at all. Their only goal, from here on out, is to make Trump look as bad as possible.

That’s why they talk endlessly about nothing-burgers like the Russian scandal or Stormy Daniels. These stories are little more than a rumor. But left-wing CNN pushes them like facts, in the desperate hope that a few viewers will believe them. Meanwhile, trust in the media is at an all-time low. Hmm, do you think there is a connection?

Recently, CNN tried to do this once again, when reporting on gas prices. As we enter the summer travel season, gas prices will understandably rise. It happens every year. Millions of Americans pack up their cars and head for the beach. The spike in demand results in higher prices at the pump (unless you live in Texas). That’s not a surprise to anybody.

CNN wants you to be outraged that you’ll have to pay a few dollars more. At the same time, they want to slam President Donald Trump. What can they do? Blame the rising prices on the President!

But, you might say, that doesn’t make sense! However, this is CNN.

Ouch, that’s really bad, right? I mean, I had no idea Iran had so much control over our gas prices. Sure, there are numerous other sources of oil, but that darn Iran! Maybe we shouldn’t have pulled out of that terrible deal. A country that tries to punish us with higher oil prices deserves support, I guess.

Maybe CNN is making a good point. But, wait. This isn’t how they covered rising gas prices under Obama. In fact, they were pretty charitable, all things considered.

Oh, rising gas prices aren’t that bad — when a Democrat is in the White House. But, why? Maybe it has nothing to do with the President. Perhaps the price of gas is affected by numerous factors, much of which are out of the White House’s hands.

Or, perhaps, CNN is full of crap. It didn’t take long for more people to comment.

Clearly, an increase in gas prices has little to do with President Trump. In fact, many Americans have more cash in their pockets, thanks to his tax cuts. So a minor increase won’t hurt them. But far be it from CNN to stick to facts and logic. They have an agenda to uphold. Any chance they have at attacking the President, they’ll take. Who cares how it will further tarnish their reputation?

CNN’s double standard is on full display. When Obama was President, rising prices were a good thing. Maybe people would buy less gas and help the environment! But when prices might rise under Trump, it’s because he’s getting tough with a rogue nation. It’s all Trump’s fault you have to pay a little more at the pump. It’s further proof that you cannot trust anything that comes out of the mainstream media.

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