Kamala Says CIA’s Gina Haspel Immorally Tortures Terrorists, Gets Hit With Brutal Truth

Kamala Harris put on a disgusting show during the confirmation hearing for Gina Haspel, the CIA hero who is President Donald Trump’s nominee to be the new director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Harris attacked Haspel as “immoral” for defending America after 9/11. The Democratic senator cried, claiming waterboarding terrorists is torture and blamed Haspel for doing her duty. Well, Harris got hit hard with the brutal truth.

Kamala Harris’ sick display of partisan politics against a real hero like Gina Haspel is despicable. During her confirmation hearing, Haspel made it perfectly clear that after 9/11 she immediately offered her help to the intelligence community, which turned into a three-year stint in some of the most war-torn hot zones in the world.

The day after 9/11, Haspel was already overseas, and she didn’t return home — she just went where the president sent her. In her 33 year career, Haspel was a covert agent, doing the most dangerous undercover work. If she would have been killed, Americans would never know. A star with no name would have gone up on the CIA wall.

But, the Democrats are hellbent on dragging her through the mud for one reason; namely, she’s President Trump’s nominee for director. The only thing they can come up with against her is so lame: the waterboarding of Islamic terrorists after 9/11.

You’d think Kamala Harris would be ecstatic, as a feminist, that Haspel is the first woman ever nominated to run the clandestine agency. But, no, Harris has another agenda. She’s eyeing the 2020 Democratic nomination, so she branded Haspel as immoral with her bullying tactics.

The Democratic senator caught Haspel off guard by asking her, “So do you believe the previous interrogation techniques were immoral?” As a junior CIA agent during 9/11, Haspel had already addressed this topic in her opening statement.

During her opening remarks, Haspel began, “I am here because I have been nominated to lead the extraordinary men and women at the Central Intelligence Agency — men and women who are our country’s silent warriors.” As she went on, she refused to brag about herself.

Knowing the Democrats would come at her with the waterboarding/interrogation techniques she had used on one terrorist, she said, “I want to be clear: Having served in that tumultuous time, I can offer you my personal commitment clearly and without reservation that under my leadership, on my watch, CIA will not restart a detention and interrogation program.”

The attack on the Twin Towers was an extraordinary time for the CIA. Usually, they gathered intelligence in foreign lands, but after 9/11, they were tasked with interrogations too and, yes, at “black sites.” Haspel followed directives from the Bush administration at a black site where she was in charge.

Harris knew it was a “gotcha question,” and it stunk to high heaven. She then blocked Haspel from giving a detailed explanation, yelling at her, “It’s a yes or no answer!”

Thus, she gave the leftist media fodder to label Haspel “immoral.” But, patriots across the country were pissed off, and they let Kamala Harris have it with some brutal truth.

Immediately, Americans saw right through the disgusting Democratic senator’s attempt to trash a true hero like Gina Haspel. “Kamala Harris ‘do you believe SCREWING WILLIE BROWN your BOSS a married man was IMMORAL–YES OR NO??’ #GinaHaspel,” tweeted Carmine Sabia.

This refers to Harris’ affair with politician Willie Brown. Harris got her start in 1994 by having an affair with slimy Willie Brown, who was serving as the California Assembly Speaker and then became the mayor of San Fransico. Brown was 60 years old and Harris was 29 when their affair began.

Amy Mek tweeted, “Flashback… Remember when Sen. Kamala Harris joked about killing President Trump, VP Mike Pence, or AG Jeff Sessions if they were in an elevator together? How dare terrorist Kamala Harris question if Gina Haspel: ‘is suitable to be director of the CIA’ #Sick”

Charles Marsh tweeted, “Dear @SenKamalaHarris Is the murdering 55 Million babies by Planned Parenthood, your favorite organization, MORAL? Yes or NO!”

Here’s the kicker in this Kamala Harris debacle. Barack Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan was confirmed without any problem, yet he was much higher up in the CIA than Haspel after 9/11. In fact, Brennan highly endorsed the interrogation techniques, and every Democrat endorsed him for CIA director.

Kamala Harris isn’t fit to be in the same room with a true patriot and hero like Gina Haspel. Harris is a shyster and political hack, pretending to be the moral one when she’s about as immoral as they come. Well, Gina Haspel will be confirmed as head of the CIA, and you know what they say — payback’s a b*tch. I’m sure Kamala Harris will find out, in the very near future, that screwing Gina Haspel wasn’t the smartest move.

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