Liberals Erupt When They See What Else This College Senior Is Showing In Her Photo

A Tennessee college senior has infuriated liberals with what she displayed in her graduation photo. The pro-Trump shirt was just the tip of the iceberg for these snowflakes, and their anger only intensified as their eyes looked lower. Patriots around the country, however, are cheering when they see what else was captured in the photo.

In this day and age, colleges are no longer places of higher learning. They have become pre-schools that treat young adults like babies. Students aren’t required to challenge themselves in preparation for the real world. No, they are allowed in to indulge in wild behavior when they aren’t hiding from facts in “safe spaces.”

Most schools push liberal/Socialist propaganda, turning many Americans into brain-dead Democrats, but all is not lost. A huge number of college students still support this country and our values. Colleges might be doing their best to stamp our patriotism and conservative thought, but from the looks of things, they are failing.

Take Brenna Spencer. This college senior survived four years of higher learning. It doesn’t seem that her time in school has wiped out her convictions and values. Soon to graduate, she posted a picture of her graduation photo. While posing beside a scenic bridge, she sports a “Women for Trump” t-shirt. But that’s not all. Tucked into her waistband is her personal handgun.

She proudly posted this photo on her social media account. Now, outraged liberals have attacked her. But the student refuses to give up her beliefs and identity.

Amid a youth-driven gun control debate that has swarmed social media, a college senior in Tennessee is defending the provocative photo she posted of her packing a handgun with the caption, “I don’t take normal graduation photos …”

In the photo, posted Saturday, Brenna Spencer, 22, holds up the bottom of her “Trump for Women” T-shirt to reveal a handgun wedged into the waistband of her jeans outside a Tennessee museum.

The senior at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, wanted the photo to “show who I am as a person,” she told ABC News.

Spencer’s tweet prompted positive and negative responses from pro-gun users, some of whom took issue with her “brandishing a firearm for a photo shoot or showing it off to try and look cool.” [Source: ABC News]

Really? Liberals claim they want to keep guns from dangerous people. But clearly, Victoria Silva doesn’t even like to see a responsible, college senior carrying a gun to defend herself. Her disgust for conservatives is more important than protecting people (otherwise, she would applaud a young woman using a gun to stay safe). Oh, and the “no-weapons” policy? She was wrong about that too.

The photo was reportedly taken outside the Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga, which bans firearms inside. [Source: Fox News]

Spencer was outside the building, so she was not violating their rules. But that doesn’t really matter. Gun control advocates are shockingly ignorant of gun laws and the basics of gun operation and ownership. Most of the people who demand that we ban “assault weapons” can’t even define what an assault weapon is. Or a semi-automatic firearm. Or a pistol, for that matter.

Despite receiving what she called a surprising “amount of hate” on social media, Brenna Spencer, 22, says she has no regrets.

“I know the Tennessee state gun codes… I carry everywhere that I’m allowed to carry,” the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga student said in an interview. [Source: Fox News]

Why should an American have to defend her right to carry a weapon? How have liberals become this stupid?

As a young woman living in a big city, why shouldn’t she carry a firearm? She has every right to feel safe, no matter where she goes. Carrying a concealed firearm — and knowing how to use it — can mean the difference between life and death. Spencer has decided not to take any chances with her life. Yet liberals don’t see it that way.

They’d rather see every young woman in danger of being mugged, raped, or murdered. Gun control advocates don’t care about Americans’ rights or the fact that gun control leads to more violence. They want to see every last one of us defenseless. And they’ll bully any American who stands up for their rights.

Spencer is a great example for every young American. If you believe in the Second Amendment, don’t let loud mouth liberals silence you. Stand up for your Constitutional rights, and prove them wrong.

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