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Look What Trump Just Did To Welfare Recipients – Freeloaders Are In A Blind Panic

After the comprehensive tax reform package was passed the question arose over what issue was going to be tackled next. That question was answered relatively quickly. There was not enough money to do a thorough infrastructure package so instead, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House are choosing to take on welfare reform. Something that is long overdue.

The Patriot Journal reported,

“We should be thankful that we live in a country that tries to look after the less fortunate. Government programs like welfare are supposed to help out, when people hit hard times. But more often than not, these entitlement programs are abused. People are taking from the government free housing, food, and cash—when they don’t need it. Worse still, they are not encouraged to go out and earn a living, something that would bring true wealth and stability.

Thankfully, we have Donald Trump in the White House. Instead of letting the system continue to be abused (like Presidents before him), it looks like Trump is going to make some serious changes.

From Daily Caller: President Donald Trump announced his intent to look into possible welfare reform to reporters Monday because some people are taking advantage of the system and others aren’t getting what they need, he said. Trump, addressing reporters, said he would be looking into the issue “very strongly” to see what can be done about the welfare system, Politico reported.

“One thing we’re going to be looking at very strongly is welfare reform. That’s becoming a very, very big subject,” the president said at the Cabinet meeting. “And people are taking advantage of the system, and then other people aren’t receiving what they really need to live, and we think it’s very unfair to them…” “It’s gonna be a very big topic under this administration. And it’s started already, and we have a lot of recommendations that we’re going to be making, and you’ll be hearing about them very shortly,” Trump added.

I’m sure the Democrats are already complaining about his statements. They’d like nothing more than for us to ignore the abuses of government handouts. They’d love it if more people took Welfare from the government, forcing them to raise taxes and deprive Americans of their financial independence. What Trump is proposing wouldn’t eliminate Welfare, but improve it. He wants to make sure the people who truly need it, such as the elderly, the sick, and the truly in need, can get it. And the many who abuse the system—abled bodied Americans that can work—will get the boot.

This is consistent with Trump’s general handling of entitlement programs. Remember his push to get food stamp recipients off the government’s teat. Since taking office in January, already 1.1 million have dropped off Welfare. Considering the booming jobs market, there’s no reason to have so many dependent on the government. Welfare and similar programs cost American taxpayers billions of dollars a year. And considering the incredible lack of accountability in all government agencies, much of that cash is wasted. Reforms from a practical, business-minded leader like Trump will mean Welfare will have to actually help people. Rather than remain a bloated system that wastes American funds.

Who can be upset over that?”

The President’s attempts at welfare reform come in the form of his recently signed executive order called the Reducing poverty in American by Promoting Opportunity and Economic Mobility order. It seeks to expand work requirements in the social safety net of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), otherwise known as food stamps. Furthermore, it calls on various federal agencies to enforce rules that are stricter as well as additional and stronger work requirements. This would provide states with more autonomy and flexibility in running their welfare programs.

The executive order also calls for the Labor, Commerce, Agriculture, Treasury, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Health and Human Services as well as the Education Departments to submit a report. It will have to be completed within 90 days and submitted to the White House on future recommended policies they would prefer. This will allow for a thorough review of the welfare programs utilized across several agencies.

“Agencies are ordered to follow nine “Principles of Economic Mobility” to guide their proposed policy changes, including adding work requirements, giving states more flexibility — usually in the form of block grants — consolidating duplicative programs, and encouraging involvement from the private sector.

Put together, this order outlines much of the conservative welfare agenda, which has long promoted cutting welfare programs, either through pushing people off the federal rolls with harsher work requirements or block-granting funding to the states, giving them more purview over how to allocate money to welfare programs.

Trump has long called for tougher requirements to receive welfare benefits but hasn’t been specific on what policies he would like to see and which programs he’d like to target. His order is now calling on his administration to iron out the specifics.”

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