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WATCH: All Hell Breaks Loose As NRA Member Asks Alyssa If Her Bodyguards Are Armed

D-list actress Alyssa Milano is one of the more vocal celebrities when it comes to notoriously liberal issues like gun control and feminism. So naturally, she was at the “NoRA” rally in Dallas protesting the National Rifle Association’s 147th annual convention in the same city. At the anti-gun rally, an NRA member showed up and questioned whether Milano’s bodyguards were armed, which was when all hell broke loose.

According to The Daily Wire, a member of the National Rifle Association visited Alyssa Milano’s anti-gun rally, being held just outside the NRA’s national convention in Texas. He ended up in a bizarre confrontation. After jokingly asking her bodyguards whether they were armed or not, suddenly one bodyguard turned angry and forced the man back to the sidewalk, even though the man was on public property.

Ben Howe captured the incident on video and posted it on Twitter:

Milano’s security guard did not take kindly to being questioned by the NRA member, probably because the hypocrisy of the situation was easy to see. I mean, what can you say when your boss hires you to protect her with guns, all while she is speaking at an event where the sole purpose is to denounce guns? Milano denies that her security was armed at an anti-gun rally, but that has yet to be proven. What would be the point of unarmed security?

While the frustration of the security guard’s job is apparent, according to Howe, the security guard did not have the authority to evict the man from Milano’s protest. Basic permits don’t give the protesting organization “total ownership” over public property, even during the scheduled time of the protest.

“I have nothing against the NRA members that are law-abiding gun owners,” said Milano, according to AJC. “My problem is with the NRA and how they are the gun lobby that has bought off our government and therefore threatened our democracy and our safety as American people, and our children’s safety.”

Milano doesn’t seem to understand that she is literally a walking advertisement for the Second Amendment. She has armed security to protect her because she is apparently aware that the only way to stop a madman with a gun who is intent on hurting her is with a good guy who is also equipped with a firearm and can thus eliminate the threat.

Even as she speaks at her anti-gun rallies, Milano does not seem to realize the hypocrisy in her actions. And therein lies the number one reason that the vast majority of Americans have lost all respect for elitist celebrities who run their mouths about topics they don’t understand.

Milano and her ilk slam the NRA, all the while enjoying the liberties guaranteed by the Second Amendment, all of which the NRA has fought hard to protect. In the same way, they lobby for open borders from behind the security of their gated mansions. Moreover, they don’t care that millions of babies are murdered each year by Planned Parenthood, only finding sympathy for the lives lost to gun violence.

Indeed, they are nothing more than walking, talking hypocrites so accustomed to their life of mental laziness and ignorance that they can no longer employ any rational thought or common sense. This is why we say, “Shut up and act,” or, “Shut up and sing.” Alyssa Milano and her leftist cronies in Hollywood simply have no business telling the rest of us how to live or what to believe. They’re too out-of-touch.

Perhaps it’s time for Milano to reconsider her militant and outspoken support for issues like gun control. Her stand is highly hypocritical and does not seem to be helping her career. Do you recall the last time she got an acting gig? Neither do I.

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