Winning! Supreme Court Has Made A Groundbreaking Move In President’s Favor!

Seeing the new wave of potential voters, liberals are impatient to open the borders up and give full access to welfare benefits for illegal immigrants.

If this happens, then no one can deny these illegal aliens the right to healthcare, welfare, and even their voting right. In addition to this, this would mean that the rare voter-recruitment program in the Democratic Party history, will finally pay off.

However, there is one problem with it, and that is that it’s illegal. But liberals have managed to avoid this problem as well, by overlooking the law with practices such as sanctuary cities.

Nevertheless, President Trump won’t allow such law disobedience to carry on.

A major role in his Presidential plan has been to deport people who have resided in the U.S. illegally and prevent more of them from doing that in the future.

As it appears it’s gotten pretty messy now for liberal judges in the lower courts, as the U.S. Supreme Court has influenced a revolutionary move to support the President.

According to a report from the Conservative Tribune:

“The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that it would grant a request from the Trump administration’s Department of Justice to speed up a hearing on whether the high court will address an injunction that has halted President Trump’s phaseout of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

“The move takes the case out of lower-court limbo and could result in a decision to hear the case by the court’s next Feb. 16 conference.”

The report continues to say that the matter originates from a decision made by a judge on the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (of course) which ruled that even though the DACA program was launched by an executive order, that wouldn’t necessarily mean that an executive order is the means for ending it.

What they’re basically saying is that President Obama was allowed to do something out of his own will, but President Trump can’t.

Reportedly, according to CNN, Judge William Alsup ruled that the Trump administration would have to keep on processing DACA renewal applications but wouldn’t have to take new applications for DACA status. The ruling also didn’t specify whether renewal applications must be accepted.

Perhaps the judge issues such a complicated ruling because he was aware that it was out of her authority to do so.

the Trump administration decided to do an end-around to avoid what would normally have been the next legal step, an appeal before the reliably liberal 9th Circuit.On Thursday, the Justice Department asked the Supreme Court to consider taking the case and bypassing the normal appeals process.”

The report goes on to say that the request was quickly granted. If we take into consideration, the fact that the Trump administration previously has a few successes with immigration cases before the Supreme Court, this could be the beginning of the process of normalizing the nation’s immigration system.

This also ends the 9th Circuit Court’s involvement in the case.

So far, the Supreme Court has been, most often on the same side as the President’s administration, when it comes to immigration issues, which means that the odds are high that they will be on the same side again.

Featured Image Source H/T: Conservative Tribune


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